Born in 1971 in Paris, she lives and works in Paris and in Périgord.

After she had been concerned with theatre, she worked for a famous news group. Since 2006, she has been exlusively devoted to painting. At the time, she came into « Atelier Art Actuel » Gallery in the Paris Since then, she has taken part into more than 50 exhibitions in different galleries, among them : “La Louve” Belgique , “Les Infirmières” et “Métanoia” Paris. and permanently at “Atelier Art Actuel”.

Since 2012, she has been in Sarlat (Dordogne) every summer.


Edition : Catalogue « Cosmogonies » and « Boîte de Pandore » made by AAA and la Louve galleries.
Takes part in « Bible de l’Art Abstrait » (le livre d’Art Editions)
In 2015, she appeared in a film titled « Vittoretti » and directed by Guillaume Tosselo.

L'artiste Vittoretti


With Vittoretti, we feel de facto into a cosmos of tale or into an explosive reverie.
The artist onirism (graphic and poetic) is nevertheless framed by a true rigor : a sensual and pulsive geometry…. With the eyes wide open …
Let’s open our eyes … The polychromic gush is prolix, audacious, at first sight.
But we must appeal to a more spiritual decrypting to perceive the real scope : the unveiling / deployment of an « inner world » , a devotion.
This way of embracing the art of painting is a commitment of the human being, a grasp of the pictorial space which now shines with a new brilliance.
Burst of writings, energies and riddles… Expanding canvases.
With such a tangible spirituality, she shakes the meaning of canvas- literally and figuratively- from psychic fragments, geometrizing the chaos of the world in the measured space of the canvas.
Between sky and earth. It fuses, it merges, it gravitates, it twirls, it goes quickly, it electrises, it « Vittorettises ».
Even if Vittoretti’s painting remains meditative and spiritual, it is more than ever direct poetry, infinite chromatic game alchemy of forms and path towards inner peace. A life- giving, vital work. In one word Vittorettian.
That is to say full of future.


Antoine Campo